True or False

Myths and realities which make up our daily challenges:

  1. Markets for waste wood and lumber are unstable and unreliable.
  2. FALSE: We offer a reliable, flexible, 24/7 accessible and long term solution.

  3. Markets do not always accept waste wood and lumber.
  4. FALSE: We have implemented solutions that make both waste wood generators and users happy and confident in the future.

  5. It is difficult and costly to generate electricity from the lumber of our forests.
  6. TRUE: This is why we are only interested in industrial waste wood and lumber from all sources except our forests! Our research and experience have shown that we can generate clean energy easily and at highly competitive rates.

  7. The logistics for adding value to waste wood and lumber is complex.
  8. FALSE: We have developed healthy business relationships with carriers and partners from various sectors of the supply chain who constantly seek to improve their performance and who provide us with their full cooperation.

  9. Waste wood and lumber recyclers are left to themselves when they need to find outlets for their residual materials.
  10. FALSE: We have developed solutions which make recycling operators first-rank partners in the supply chain and in the reuse process.

  11. Waste wood and lumber carriers and processors are finding it difficult to maintain their operations 12 months a year.
  12. FALSE: Our business operations are ongoing year-round and we insist on maintaining stable and permanent business relationships with our suppliers, our clients and our carriers.

  13. Recyclers can never be assured that their waste materials will be reused in total compliance with environmental laws and regulations in effect.
  14. FALSE: We have all the necessary certifications to exercise our business activity in full compliance with Canadian environmental laws and regulations and we firmly believe that our partners benefit from this activity. We can prove it.

  15. Recyclers don’t know if the solution offered to them is truly and sustainably respectful of the environment.
  16. FALSE: We offer solutions that are proven, solutions that are local, economical and have a minimal footprint on the environment. And because our solutions are local and economical, they are truly sustainable!

  17. Recyclers don’t know if markets for their waste wood and lumber are reliable in the long term and if disposal costs will always be affordable.
  18. FALSE: We are forward thinking and constantly working in a long term perspective with solution-minded partners, wherever they happen to operate in the supply chain.

  19. Producing energy from wood is not environmentally acceptable.
  20. TRUE: Harvesting mature and healthy trees to produce biomass energy is neither environmentally nor economically viable. This is why 100 percent of the biomass we produce is drawn from post-industrial waste or scrap wood that would normally end up in landfill sites. Instead, we turn this waste wood and lumber which no longer has any commercial value into something useful. We create added-value products, we generate energy and we contribute to maintaining a healthy sector of our economy with a promising future.