About us

As our name implies, BIOMASS RECYCLE Canada Inc. (BRC) specializes in eco-responsibly recycling and reusing waste wood and lumber residues from all sources.

Whether from construction, renovation and demolition sites and projects, waste sorting plants and materials recovery facilities and landfill sites, tree cutting and pruning operations, urban land clearing and leftover scrap wood from sawmills and other primary and secondary wood processing operations, we make it our business.

Brainchild of company president Gérard Quenneville, a licensed professional engineer specializing in the design, fabrication and maintenance of wood and residual waste processing machinery in the mid 1990s, BIOMASS RECYCLE Canada Inc. collects waste wood and lumber from manufacturers, recycling plants, waste transfer and sorting stations and landfill sites, as well as waste materials from the care and maintenance operations of urban green spaces and forwards them to processors for conversion to energy, wood pellets, horticultural mulch, particleboard or compost.

Our mission: Recycling and processing waste wood and lumber while contributing to supporting the local economy and a healthy environment.

BIOMASS RECYCLE Canada Inc. diverts over 250,000 metric tonnes of waste wood and lumber annually from landfill sites which it then forwards to industrial processors to turn into energy and other added value organic materials for agriculture and horticulture uses such as composts, mulch, animal litter, gardening soils and landscaping.

A local eco-responsible business

BRC is a serious, reliable and socially responsible partner in the eyes of governments and waste wood and lumber generators, as our company is there for the long haul. We encourage sustained mutual cooperation with our partners ensuring their common interest and the environment are equally served. This business model allows us to literally “starve” landfill sites while generating local economic activity.

Our turf

Our firm serves the vast area comprised within the triangle formed by the Outaouais region, the Laurentians, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and New York State, using existing common carriers already serving this region delivering various bulk freight who would otherwise be returning empty to their home base. Guaranteeing these carriers with full loads of waste wood and lumber on return trips ensures their profitability and contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

BIOMASS RECYCLE Canada Inc. is a member in good standing of the Regroupement des récupérateurs et des recycleurs de matériaux de construction et de démolition du Québec (3RMCDQ). Gérard Quenneville is a member of Professional Engineers Ontario.

Our suppliers

Our supply of waste wood and lumber is provided directly by recyclers or generators of waste wood materials — manufacturing facilities, sawmills, wood processing plants, general contractors and their subcontractors in construction, renovations and demolition, recycling businesses, residual waste transfer stations and sorting operations, municipal materials recovery facilities, landfill sites and operators, land clearing contractors, and more recently, tree harvesting contractors responsible for cutting trees infested with the emerald ash borer and other forest diseases.

Wood residues constitute almost half of the residual waste materials slated for landfill sites. By ensuring their safe removal and disposal, we allow our suppliers to save considerable landfill costs and to put their waste materials to good use as energy generating residues and other useful materials in our local economy. Our suppliers are counting on us to obtain and maintain their LEED credits. We accept all types of waste wood materials, including compact and high pressure wood laminates and plywood but not pressure treated wood or creosote treated wood.