Our services

While fulfilling an essential industrial role, we also do useful work by contributing to the reduction of man’s footprint on the surface of the planet.

Our clients are also our suppliers of waste wood materials. Rather than having to pay landfill fees, they can dispose of this waste material in a responsible manner. We save them the huge cost of waste disposal at landfill sites, ensuring that such landfill facilities extend their active life cycle and, as a result, are capable of taking in more ultimate non-recyclable residual waste for a longer time.

Together with our partners, we ensure the collection of waste wood and lumber materials at the jobsite or at the source, and we assume total responsibility for sorting, processing and grinding down or crushing this fibre supply and transporting it to our ultimate destination where it will be safely and responsibly recycled, reused and converted to energy or turned into valuable recycled products.

We work closely with our suppliers and clients and we provide them with our technical assistance in their conversion processes to help them improve the efficiency of their operations.

We guarantee our clients and suppliers a regular and reliable disposal source of their waste wood and lumber materials 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 12 months a year. We have an unequalled and almost unlimited capacity of receiving and processing waste wood and lumber materials in the total respect of our environment.

We never resort to landfill!

All waste wood and lumber that is entrusted to us finds some use.

We exercise strict quality control over our suppliers.

BIOMASS RECYLE contributes to the eradication of destructive forest pests such as the emerald ash borer

The recent infestation of our forests, inner city parks and natural wooded areas by the emerald ash borer, a highly destructive invasive species believed to have caused the destruction and necessary felling of more than 100 million trees since its discovery in North America, has terrible consequences for our Canadian cities which have no other choice but to dispose of their felled trees to eradicate the beetle and prevent further infestations.

Each week, BIOMASS RECYCLE Canada Inc. is called upon to retrieve the scrap lumber from trees that had to be cut down and to carry it away in enclosed containers to a processing plant where it will be converted to industrial energy. Our technique for removing this infected waste lumber is safe and approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to reduce the risk of propagation and contamination of other forests and woodlands.